So much awesomeness

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found this elsewhere... some many questions burst forth in my mind...

So much awesomeness
So much awesomeness

-is this what the staff of mighty riders does on quiet monday afternoons?
-why have i never seen any mechanics work wearing cycling gloves before?
-is that a wig, afro or fur hat one of the guys is wearing?
- why do they spend all the video being very unsafe (no helmets, pants not rolled up/baggy loose clothes near the drivetrain) only to start wearing a helmet when they get on their tandem?
- what are those hubs that keep spinning across the screen, and why do i think they are not a real brand?
- if you are pedalling furiously with your feets in straps, how do you sunddenly pull them out and raise them beside your top tube?
- is the final all band dance routine in the shop the funniest and lamest thing i've seen in ages?

please comment!

[Edit: This is a video, hit the "play" tab above]


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don't even TRY to ask quetions.


the answer to them all is "this is japan"


nothing HAS to make sense! 

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My personal fav had to be the crazy fro:

Da Fro: Can you dig it?  I can!Da Fro: Can you dig it? I can!

That is some fine hair. Can you imagine if Ed walked into Mighty sporting that style. Mucho cool points would be awarded!