LTR #3: The Grudge Match

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So Learn To Ride (LTR) #3 was fun. We all worked on some more basic skils... like standing starts. This was then the perfect venu for Adam and Skylar to race it out. The race was a pursuit. Each racer started on opposite sides of the track (the track is 200m in total, giving 100m inbetween). The race goes for either 15 laps or until one rider catches the other, which ever happens first. I attached a little video camera to Skylar(aka master o dustruction) bike prior to the start, from which I did a quick edit job last night to put together this little video. Click the "Play" link to watch it. Make sure to listen carefully, because there are some funny conversations.


The race started strong. Skylar went out harder than Adam off the start but slowly lost his steam and ended up conceeding the win to Adam (aka deltaentropy) before the 15 lap limit. Word on the street is MOD blew his juice prior to the race... ekk!

The coolest thing throughout the grudge match was that mucho sportsmanship reigned supreme by both parties, before, during and after the competition. Both where quite evenly matched at the start and we we may have a little rematch when Skylar gets his juice back.

As for the winnings, if you listen in the Video... It looks like Adam may make Skylar wear spandex and go for a road ride. That will be an interesting sight!



deltaentropy's picture

That camera rocks. Lemme borrow it for my UBC commute.

 Its a nice little cross section of Vancouver, and its always a battle trying to see how many B-lines I can pass up.

morgman's picture

That looks like awesome fun guys!

lyledriver's picture

Great race guys!

In a way, its almost a shame Skylar didn't win, because he could have made Adam ride his BMX to UBC =D

Also, great idea putting the camera on for the race!


nikcee's picture

my voice is kinda piercing isnt it?

well if this IT thing fails I can always get a career as a town crier.

rematch @ LTRace this weekend?

Wease's picture

The final clinic that is all we do. So everyone should get well rested and get ready to rock the Casbah!

i'm game i spoke to adam and hes game, but worried he'll be pooched(from a ride earlier in the day), but i have faith this will get settled properly


that video was awesome can you bring the camera again?

Wease's picture

Totally I am there with the camera... I want to slice and dice through track traffic with it on!