Day 4 - Bothered by a bearing

Where it all came to an end

I think the Dude's secret admirer said it best best when he pronounced that, "Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes, well, he eats you." Well today, I was the all-you-can-eat buffet.

After my night in Bonchester Bridge, I awoke to find myself coming down with a cold. Not surprising considering the mileage I had been riding in the pouring rain despicable rain. However, it looked like the sun was breaking and I was only 60 miles outside Edinburgh, then if I wanted wimp out I could jump on the train and get into St. Andrews for my first conference with time to spare.

Plan sounds feasible, right? After all what could go wrong?

Fixed Across the UK

To me fixed gear bikes are not about fashion, but about DIYODW, pain, and of course that funny zen simplisity that everyone likes to rave on and on about. (DIYODW = Doing It Your Own Dam Way). I am sure many a fashionable hipster will tilt his/her head in wonderment, and to that I say,

FUCK fashion.

Okay now that my motivation is clearly laid out, lets get on to my next stupid adventure. If you have been reading this here mess of a blog for the past few years then you know that I have a penchant for doing things that most people will shake their head at, however, its been a while since I have been on any truly insane adventures on my fixed gear bike. Hmmm, clearly I need to rectify the situation.

The Mansy is for Mesy!

The Lululemon MansyThe Lululemon Mansy

Subversive Advertising

subversive |s?b?v?rsiv|
seeking or intended to subvert an established system or institution : subversive literature.

Hmmm... is it real?

Hmmm... insane cycling guru who stuck it to the man... or internet hoax.

EMP device, a cyclists best friend?

Last night I was almost run down on the Francis/Union bike path coming home around 8PM. I had on very bright bike lights (25 W trail lights), and I had the right of way entering an intersection. Two vehicles were both stopped at the 2-way stop sign. There was another car in front of me. The first car got through just fine, but as I was entering the intersection the large pickup truck on the left proceeded to enter the intersection, then abruptly stop part way through. I then cautiously entered the intersection, and this is when the driver surged forward right at me. I freaked, and dashed to the right,narrowly missed the bumper. I couldn't believe it at the time as this large grill and bumper was coming right at my chest. I was so freaked out first things out of my mouth were, “Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck…" Followed by a soundly, "Fuck you, you fucking fuck!”

An interactive FG map

So I was playing at the drupal site (FG's engine) and found that I can add interactive google maps to posts. Cool, cool. That way people can easily find that super cool underground party. Okay... yay, is that really worth a post? No. The cool part is that you can use the module to designate a location for users and for storeys. That way each user here at FG can designate a spot on the globe where they are located. Pretty cool, right? It gets better, the module also makes a summary map of FG members and storyes with a specified location (see below... also try clicking on the marker for the member/story teaser popup).

Story Map:

User Map:

Microsoft's Ad Campaign Against Cyclists

Whether with malicious intent, or as a result of the acceptance of cultural misconceptions, it seems Microsoft, the software giant, has chose to finance an ad campaign against cyclists! While the campaign is not an overt attack against cyclists, it is just a distasteful, coming in the form of a subversive attack against people who choose to be self-propelled. An ad campaign that painfully buys into the accepted myths of North American society, namely that cyclists are second class citizens.

So much awesomeness

found this elsewhere... some many questions burst forth in my mind...

So much awesomeness
So much awesomeness

Hit From Behind

Now I have never personally met the infamous Big Johnny behind, but I have talked to him over email. I would share those conversations but I would have to put one of those "19 and over" signs on the site. Love him, hate him, whatever, he is one of the original bike bloggers, and he just had a run in that will all fear. Last week he was hit from behind by a sedan travelling something like 55 mph while he was riding in the bike lane in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Good news is Big Johnny is recovering, has recently been discharged and has apparently become the new bicycle spokesperson for bicycle safety with his multiple interviews on local television. Here is hoping you can get back on the bike soon!

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