Road rage

Fixed gear bikes are the new rollerblades

The other day I was sitting with a friend who helped me build my first single speed back in the late 90's. He is often a bit chatty, but often he comes up with a gooder. Today was one such day. We were reminiscing about the various fixed and single speed bikes we have built up over the years when he dropped, "Ya know, fixed gears are kinda like the new rollerblades."

Surrey Critical Mass Inaugural Ride

This is footage of the inaugural Surrey Critical Mass. The ride even got the support of transportation minister Kevin Falcon, chief promoter of the Gateway Project. Surrey is very much a city built around the car, which might explain why there was such a warm response to the unusual sight of 50 plus noisy cyclists riding through the rain. However, there was an incident, involving a dump truck and several cars in a very big hurry.

Hmmm... is it real?

Hmmm... insane cycling guru who stuck it to the man... or internet hoax.

Microsoft's Ad Campaign Against Cyclists

Whether with malicious intent, or as a result of the acceptance of cultural misconceptions, it seems Microsoft, the software giant, has chose to finance an ad campaign against cyclists! While the campaign is not an overt attack against cyclists, it is just a distasteful, coming in the form of a subversive attack against people who choose to be self-propelled. An ad campaign that painfully buys into the accepted myths of North American society, namely that cyclists are second class citizens.

Hit From Behind

Now I have never personally met the infamous Big Johnny behind, but I have talked to him over email. I would share those conversations but I would have to put one of those "19 and over" signs on the site. Love him, hate him, whatever, he is one of the original bike bloggers, and he just had a run in that will all fear. Last week he was hit from behind by a sedan travelling something like 55 mph while he was riding in the bike lane in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Good news is Big Johnny is recovering, has recently been discharged and has apparently become the new bicycle spokesperson for bicycle safety with his multiple interviews on local television. Here is hoping you can get back on the bike soon!

A very very quick rant.

The next jaywalker to step into the bike lane just to see if there's anything coming is going to be BEATEN TO DEATH with an INNER TUBE (I'm not sure that's possible, but it'd be fun to find out).

Why not step out into the middle of the road just to see if you get hit by a car?

Can anyone guess what happened to me at work today?

Wease needs a video camera

Samsung SCX105L
Samsung SCX105L

I need to get myself a video camera, somehow, so that I can document the stupidity that are some drivers. My goal would be to put put it out there on the internet, raw and unedited. Everything from the incident to the drivers reaction when confronted on it. Think of it as the ultimate direct action; let the viewer decide.

This desire has been building for a while. Its not the first time I have thought of this, but it was hit home for me again the other day when I was riding out to the Big Bad MR the with Ian the other day. It is a decent ride so we got chatting and he told me a funny story of a run in he had with this speeding cellphone using lady on the bike route.

Its slick out there!

Hi there =]
I'm Lyle and I hadn't made a new post until now. I figured I would make it good and desribe my wipeout in traffic today.

Going South downhill on Thurlow, towards Pacific. I had merged into the left lane, and was trying to scrub off enough speed to make it around the corner. The road surface towards that intersection is oily with a few cracks. I'm guessing that the pads grabbed after cleaning the rim enough, shooting the front end out from under me.

Internally I sighed, as I watched my bar end grind the pavement.

Jaywalker makes Courier Man angry

Well work was a barrel of laughs today. I was cruising through the city at a pretty good pace, around 25-30km/h... only one job in the bag, pretty quiet day but I was having fun playing in traffic. And then suddenly ***BAM*** I'm on the ground tangled up in my bike.

Thankfully no injury other than some abrasions and nasty big bruises on my part. The old guy who stepped out from behind a parked van received some pretty deep cuts on his shit from my axle, and nasty road rash on his arm. Now I'm not gonna leave the scene of an accident when it wasn't my fault... hell, that just sets you up for a charge against your name. So I grab my bike and shift it to the side of the road, and start patching up the old guy as best I can. Find out his doctor is around the corner so when he's ready to move, I walk him down there. I didn't leave his side until he was comfortably seated in his doctor's waiting room.

Assured Mutual Destruction

Click for some destruction!
Primus Metal water bottle

I bought this the other day, its a metal Primus water bottle. You can get them at MEC, for about $7 on sale right now. I think their great. Obviously since I bought one.

My reasons were simple. First off, all the plastic bottles leak all sorts of toxic crap into your water (many of which are estrogenic), as much as I am a fan of breasts, I don't want to develop bitch tits.

The second reason is even simpler:

Assured Mutual Destruction

Filled with water this thing is a frickin' missile. It fits nicely into ones hand. Its got a good heft behind it. It means business. You do not fuck with this water bottle. I figure it could pretty much go through any window. Front, back side, you name it. You slam me with metal, I'll slam back.

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