ok so i hate to join the craze ( actually its a hidden desire) but im looking for a place to get a cheap fixie. i work at a bike shop but it seems to be wayy to hard to come across a cheap one that i can build up. the reason i need one is im moving to NYC and right now ride a trek madone ( which was expensive as hell) but i dont want to sell it and most certainty dont want to lock it up on the streets. so whats the best place, site, or suggestion you have to find a good fixie??

Why Fixie Boys are so HOT!

I use to think that spandie boys in their team kits, matching bikes, and shaved legs were the hottest things around. I'll admit I still really like the shaved leg thing but these fixie boys are something else. No attitude and so many fun times. Their epic rides in the middle of the night in street clothes with beers as hydration just can't be beat. I thought i had good bike handling skills after years of riding on the road and track but never imagined what these fixies could do. No handed track stands and skids.... how can you not get turned on by that? Everyone knows gear inches and has pimped out their bikes in one way or another.

You'll always remember your first...

Building one of these machines has been a long term goal of mine for a some time now.

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