Pure Awesome

This is my fixie. I will write her full story later. She is <18 lbs. Approx. 90 inch gears. Giddy Up.

London to Southend-on-Sea

London FGSS London2Southend Group

More like Southend-THROUGH-Sea!

In true bank holiday fashion, it's pissed down all weekend. Noah is out looking for wood as I type. I managed to get a few dry laps of Richmond Park in on Saturday before getting soggy and doing some damage to my back. I finally fitted the 135g Selle Italia SLR saddle that's been in the cupboard for 18 months and I'm guessing the position change and too much effort up the hills messed up the old spine.

Summer Series - Skid Comp

Mar 24 2007 - 7:00pm
Mar 24 2007 - 10:59pm

The first of a semi-regular series of fixed gear events in Vancouver...
How to start? By celebrating stopping! Or finding who is the worst stopper in Vancouver, or who can do it in the best fashion...
for more info

Building wheels

I'm looking to build up a rear wheel to convert my SS which I recently converted from a 10S.  I'm thinking about buying the less expensive Park truing stand and maybe a book or something.  Have to admit to feeling slightly overwhelmed, as whenever I ask about it in bike shops I get these strange looks.  Anybody remember how they got started building wheels?

So much awesomeness

found this elsewhere... some many questions burst forth in my mind...

So much awesomeness
So much awesomeness
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