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More Jackrabbit Dip Shits

I don't know what is up with people these days. I was riding the fixie road bike out to Port Moody today to meet Ian so he could make my cry like a school girl on the hills there. Along the way in Vancouver, I ended up meeting and talking with Damien, a local Cat 1 pro who apparently reads this blog (see Damien I am writing again). He is quite an amenable fellow and we ended up riding to Port Moody together. Along the way I was telling him the story of this commuter warriors (jackrabbits) who felt it necessary to pass me then slow to a crawl, let me pass, then pass me then slow down, etc.

Funny enough right after the story as we were riding along the Barnet Highway when we ran we run into another one of these militant dip shits. We caught him from way back chugging along on an ugly orange bikes, in the drops, in too big of a gear (don't get me wrong, I am all for ugly orange bikes as I own one too). As soon as we pass him he was on our ass. Nothing to serious but you never know he could be a triathlete and crash his bike into you at any instant for no logical reason. But he wasn't too obnoxious yet, so whatever, right? Let sleeping dogs lay, eh? Wrong.

The Jack Rabbit Syndrome

This is an open letter to all the wannabe racer-commuters in Vancouver...


You know who you are. You are the ones who have a freak if anyone passes you and quickly have to pass back only to run out of energy shortly so that you get passed again. This travesty then gets repeated however many times your pride will allow.


I am riding back from Burnaby to East Van on my trusty fixie, which is of course a piece of shit (my beloved gehetto bike) and geared way too high to be riding up Burnaby mountain, which I do everyday. So, I am riding along at my one speed which I rarely change from. I catch this guy... I pass this guy. I wave and say "hello".

Now most Jack rabbits are some what subtle. They will wait a little while, then gently pass you back, almost as if to say "Opps, was I going slow? Well, this is my normal speed, don't think I am slow and out of shape." Not this guy, within seconds he gets out of the saddle (on the flat none the less) and zipps by. Nothing subtle here. After he gains maybe 200 feet, he sits down and starts pedaling his original slow pace again.

Wheel Build Stop Motion

So a while back I picked up the parts I needed from Ed (down at Mighty riders) to convert my fixie over to a front disc fixie. As part of the project I figured it would be pretty cool to document the process by making a stop motion animation of the process. Well I finally figured out the lighting (which was a bugger of a job) and what I have left to do is build the wheel and snap a picture at each step of the way.

This couldn't come at a better time either. Yesterday I was riding home when I heard a loud snap as I was braking (I keep a front brake on the fixie) and suddenly I had no brakes. Luckily, I could use my legs to stop (again why fixies rule as commuters). When I got it home I took a look and it looks like something internal broke. I have to take off the handle bar tape and take a closer look.

More SS blogs

Some more crazy one gear people:


luis wrote:
Thought you might be amused by an old fart riding around southern Brazil in a singlespeed (the trusty vovô-matic)

Handle Bar Sandwich

Friedman and Tores:

Biking, Climbing, Unicycling, Slacklining, Chilling, Ridiculousness, and anything else that falls into our heads to talk about. Mostly just random crap, but hey, we hope there's a gem of knowledge or inspiration in there every now and again.

Wrench in the gears

So dude was like:

Yo wease, howz about throwin' up a link to my relatively new
blog? I already did the quid pro quo thing, so if ya don't
jmind returning the favor, that would be cool.

Keep up the good work with the site. Hope everything improves
with your dad.


Steve (the dude of "FixedFuckingGear" and "FasterThanYourTV" fame)


So I was like, "Dude I remeber you, you were like the dude who mailed me thoses stickers"


Fixies, urban cool.

Why do you ride fixed gear? Is it out of bitterness (i.e. ABSSS), you know bomb the system. Or maybe it is to avoid falling into the trap of the sausage syndrome.

Ah, yes, we all know at least one fat middle age guy who after years of inactivity has an epiphany and decides his way to cycling glory and fame is not by riding, but by building an exact Lance Armstrong replicate bike. (BTW, I have no idea which stem did Lance use in the 6th stage of his 5th tour win.) The guy who for all his effort to get the coolest bike just ends up looking like a little stuffed sausage wrapped in spandex.

Vancouver Bike Month Events

For JUNE 2005

Well June has rolled around and its bike month once again in Vancouver. So what's going on you ask? Well just for you I went out and stole the information off the BESTwebsite. There are 40 events in total. Some notable events in my huble opinion are:

World Naked Bike ride
Collision art show
MTB conference on sustanability
The multiple free breakfast events
A Cyclist's Legal Brief

The Singlespeed Obsession From a Female Perspective

Mr. Weasel suggested I join in and help free my sisters from the chains of
multiple gears. I am more than happy to evangelize upon the greatness of one

Lavalife Ruse - Part I

We just may be going straight to the fiery depths for this one... but the humour is undeniable.

So I was coming back from Merritt with the Postman and his girlfriend. We had just attended the Cow Trail Classic, where incidentally I won some beer for basically showing up. There was a total of two people in my class. Too bad because the course was awesome, and the descent had me crying with joy as we raced down a roller-coaster styled gully. For all you people who stayed home... shame.

Okay now back to the story. So we were driving back and the postman's girlfriend, was talking how in the pre-postman era she used to check out Lavalife for fun and had recently come across the profile of one of the guys we race with and know, who we will call racer boy from this point forward. Anyway, she came across is profile had had a good laugh at how much he bragged about his bike racing abilities.

Real riders


I just got off work, climbing in the guts of an ancient overhead crane, laying in filth and the burned corpses of pigeons. Welding internal stress cracks. The lung burning fumes of roasting droppings. Ahhh!

Building a single speed, started 2 days ago, and found this site, roundaboutly.

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