Day 2 - Dent to Keswick

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Day two started off normal enough for jolly old England, it was raining. However, before I got on the road I had to solve a small dilemma, there are very steep descents in these parts and I had no front brakes left. When I left Vancouver, my front brakes were already going, but I figured it being summer and the fact I don't use my brakes that much should mean I will be fine for my trip. Nope.

Instead I was on a quest to find brake pads in a tiny town in the Yorkshire Dales. Somehow, some way, I was able I tracked down this odd, somewhat antisocial fellow, who lived in a trailer in one of the camp sites who had decided a few years back to start some sort of bike part import business. The business ultimately failed, but he still had some parts around. As luck would have it had a set of brake pads left that fit my bike!

Next, maybe my luck would extend to the weather? Nope

My goal for the day was to head first head out east and take the ferry over to Hawkshead, then head North to Carlisle and hopefully onto Scotland. The day started out cold and wet, but only raining lightly. However by the time I hit the ferry the skies had opened up and I was getting drenched.

I figured it wasn't going to change, so I decided to continue on in the deluge. I figured I just had to endure the deluge for a bit until I hit better weather. But it wasn't to be. It just kept raining and raining without any breaks. It was raining so hard it was like someone was dumping buckets of water on me

Rain, rain, rainRain, rain, rain

After a while the rain started to take its toll, I was getting cold. Even with 3 layers of riding gear (all my clothes on) and wool, I was starting to get chilled. With the amount of watter coming down it was filtering through though the layers and pulling out my body heat. By the time I hit the lake just out side of Keswick, I as shivering uncontrollably.

At a mere 50 miles in I called it a day, hit the hostel in Keswick and sat for 3 hours in a bath tube before I could even start to feel my fingers.

It was an epic day alright, just not the good kind of epic!

Day 2 Route

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NOTE: I apologize in advance for the quality of pictures used in the UK series of posts, as I shot the entire trip with my phone's camera.


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