LTR #3: The Grudge Match

Burnaby Velodrome

So Learn To Ride (LTR) #3 was fun. We all worked on some more basic skils... like standing starts. This was then the perfect venu for Adam and Skylar to race it out. The race was a pursuit. Each racer started on opposite sides of the track (the track is 200m in total, giving 100m inbetween). The race goes for either 15 laps or until one rider catches the other, which ever happens first. I attached a little video camera to Skylar(aka master o dustruction) bike prior to the start, from which I did a quick edit job last night to put together this little video. Click the "Play" link to watch it. Make sure to listen carefully, because there are some funny conversations.

How to make a hexagonal wheel

So I set out to make the craziest looking chopper wheel I could imagine. I had a bunch of parts laying around and decided to try and make them work together.

Materials used:

  • Alex MX22 single walled 20" rim, 48H, black
  • Old Shimano Freewheel hub, low flange, 36H
  • 36x 184mm Wheelsmith stainless spokes,
  • 36x 14g nipples
  • 12x punk rock spikes

Since I was attempting to lace a 36H hub to a 48H rim, I needed to skip some holes in the rim.
To make it really stand out, I determined that a 3Leading/3Trailing configuration would go well with the missing holes.

Fat Squirrel Season...

From the largely amusing Surly bikes blog


Fat Squirrel Season

Everybody knows that squirrels store nuts for the winter. They store them in the ground, probably up in trees and they eat them to get a nice fat belly for the winter. But what I notice most about squirrels this time of year is that they are particularly slow, sluggish, indecisive, unpredictable and psycho.

Case in point, I'm riding my bike in a quiet residential neighborhood this morning (with a 100+ pound trailer in tow) and I see a squirrel walking her dog. She's stopped on the corner of an uncontrolled intersection while the leashed dog sniffs around. From a distance, I ring my bell to get her attention and we make positive eye contact. Knowing it's fat squirrel season, I have my fingers on the brake levers as I approach. About 12 feet before I enter the crosswalk, the squirrel decides that her and the dog are going to test their right of way across the street. I skid the rear wheel and start drifting sideways, just barely missing squirrel and pooch. You know when you're skidding and all you can think of is "did that squirrel want to commit suicide?" but you're glad you have brakes and skills to spare it's life.

LTR #2 - The Grudge Match

So, the LTR #2 was mucho fun again. No photos this time... hrrmm. I had brought my little video camera to take some footage, but I never got around to actually doing it. Some days I am totally lazy. But in all honesty I don't know how interesting it would have been because we were doing pace lines so it would have been mucho ass filling the screen.

Anyway, again the city fixed crew were smoking up the scene. Everyone quickly got the hang of riding close in pace lines (wait till you are bumping elbows in a sprint... hold your line!) with a couple minor crashes. I think the most interesting was meikati who had a decently thunderous crash but jumped up and without missing a beat said:

Bling Bling...

Brian Hayes A.I.S. Track Team frame

So there has been a bunch of discussion on recent rides about bike bling... colour matching and various ways of making your ride that 'little bit more special'... Well after I stumbled on something interesting I thought I'd compile a list of gold bling bikes/bike parts...

It should be noted that I am actually not a fan of gold parts... but it seems like the endpoint of showing off bling (outside of diamond tipped cogs/chainrings... which i haven't seen yet).

The fork legs are 3/4 length GOLD plated, with real gold, NOT gold paint. This was a feature on a limited number of Brian Hayes A.I.S. Track Team frames, to commemorate the Australian Team winning gold on the Track at the Olympic Games. From here...

Bike Porn Gallery

Okay boys and grrls I have a little treat for you. As you know FG is still evolving behind the scenes. For example I have just enable image upload for all of you. You should be able to upload and insert images on the fly - I will make a video tutorial soon enough.

But that is not the treat, the real treat is cool image slide shows. When you make an image (i.e create content > image) you can choose a gallery to put it in. A fancy flash slideshow is made on the fly. For example here is the Bike Porn Gallery:

Recap from LTR #1

Nikcee Mixing it up
Nikcee Mixing it up

So the first Learn To Race (LTR) clinic down at the Burnaby Velodrome was lots of fun. Tons of city fixed gear riders showed up to, as Nikcee so eloquently stated, ride some boards. It was good to see such a diversity of riders interested in the track.

From what I understand everyone enjoyed their time. Some were a little intimidated by the steep banking of the turns (47 degrees), but soon everyone was riding like a pro. My personal favourite is the black line. The black line is the is the lowest point on the track you are legally allowed to ride at, if you are racing. As a result it is the fastest line on the track. There is nothing like coming out wide and high then dropping down into the turn, grabbing the black line and rocketing around the turn at break neck speeds. Yeee haw!

Movie World Premiere - You Never Bike Alone

You Never Bike Alone - Poster

You Never Bike Alone is an 80 minute documentary looking at how cyclists are building critical mass in Vancouver, Canada, and changing the face of the city.

Critical Mass is a reclamation of public space that started in San Francisco in the early 1990s and spread by the internet throughout the world. On a set day, at the end of every month, cyclists and other self-propelled people ride en masse through city streets.

Skid City Vol #1

City Skid Vol 1

Here is a video I found on google video, put together by a bunch of fixed gear nuts out in Copenhagen during Star Track 06.

Decently styling. Nothing like that Mash documentary that will be out shortly. But man-O-man do I want my fixed gear back...

Hey Simon are you done with her yet?

So much awesomeness

found this elsewhere... some many questions burst forth in my mind...

So much awesomeness
So much awesomeness
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