Photos from the Alleycat and Critical Mass

Well, I have been in a bit of a hovel for the last while. Not seeing the day of light while I busily work on various thesis projects. That said, I was going stir crazy so I decided to get out and hit a couple events: February's Critical Mass and St. Valentine's Day Massacre alleycat race. I even took some photos (something I haven't done in months!).

Why Fixie Boys are so HOT!

I use to think that spandie boys in their team kits, matching bikes, and shaved legs were the hottest things around. I'll admit I still really like the shaved leg thing but these fixie boys are something else. No attitude and so many fun times. Their epic rides in the middle of the night in street clothes with beers as hydration just can't be beat. I thought i had good bike handling skills after years of riding on the road and track but never imagined what these fixies could do. No handed track stands and skids.... how can you not get turned on by that? Everyone knows gear inches and has pimped out their bikes in one way or another.

Bicycle Film Festival

Well I got my act together and submitted my Long Line of Cars video (second version) to the Bicycle Film Festival. Its only a couple minutes long so I figure it has a good shot of finding its way in somewhere. If you have a film of youself, the cut off is March 1. Anyway, if you haven't watched it you should. Its about life, death, love, disaster, salvation... no wait that was another movie. Nope, this one is about going fast on a bike and passing a bunch of slow motorists.

EMP device, a cyclists best friend?

Last night I was almost run down on the Francis/Union bike path coming home around 8PM. I had on very bright bike lights (25 W trail lights), and I had the right of way entering an intersection. Two vehicles were both stopped at the 2-way stop sign. There was another car in front of me. The first car got through just fine, but as I was entering the intersection the large pickup truck on the left proceeded to enter the intersection, then abruptly stop part way through. I then cautiously entered the intersection, and this is when the driver surged forward right at me. I freaked, and dashed to the right,narrowly missed the bumper. I couldn't believe it at the time as this large grill and bumper was coming right at my chest. I was so freaked out first things out of my mouth were, “Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck…" Followed by a soundly, "Fuck you, you fucking fuck!”

An interactive FG map

So I was playing at the drupal site (FG's engine) and found that I can add interactive google maps to posts. Cool, cool. That way people can easily find that super cool underground party. Okay... yay, is that really worth a post? No. The cool part is that you can use the module to designate a location for users and for storeys. That way each user here at FG can designate a spot on the globe where they are located. Pretty cool, right? It gets better, the module also makes a summary map of FG members and storyes with a specified location (see below... also try clicking on the marker for the member/story teaser popup).

Story Map:

User Map:

Time to drink it all away

So apparently there are people out there who have made programs to tell you how much your blog is worth. Apparently, if I sell out I can do a lot of drinking

Microsoft's Ad Campaign Against Cyclists

Whether with malicious intent, or as a result of the acceptance of cultural misconceptions, it seems Microsoft, the software giant, has chose to finance an ad campaign against cyclists! While the campaign is not an overt attack against cyclists, it is just a distasteful, coming in the form of a subversive attack against people who choose to be self-propelled. An ad campaign that painfully buys into the accepted myths of North American society, namely that cyclists are second class citizens.

Hipster fashion = collision course

I have no style. I know this and strangely I am proud of it. Its not that I don't any idea as to what is in, I do. Its just that I always choose function over style. One good example is the tight fitting jeans (with collar roll) that have been infiltrating the fixed gear hipster community for the last couple years.

Glitter and Gold


a fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body.

We have all grown up watching movies that have sci-fi cyborgs. You know those crazy half-man, half-machine characters sporting all sorts of amazing abilities due to the extra hardware added to them. At some point many of us dreamed of being one. Guess what? They’re already here, they’re called a cyclists.

I have seen people do some absolutely amazing things on bicycles, from the track racing pushing 70 km/hr in a sprint, to the single speed nuts doing solo 24hour races, to the city fixed gear riders doing no handed skids and backward circles. All are doing very different things, but all of them are doing things that they would not be able to do otherwise.

Perhaps this is why people often have such strong relationships with their bikes. These relationships run all over the board about it being an extension of their physical selves, about it being a lifestyle versus an activity. I mean how many sports do you know about where people name their equipment? Not many.

While these thoughts are all fine and dandy over a bottle of wine or a discount six pack (choose your poison) I wanted to talk to you about a subject that is near and dear to my heart, bicycle fit. Whether you like it or not how well your bicycle fits has a huge impact on not only your enjoyment but your performance as well.

As I got into frame building, I also got into bicycle fitting. I believe to be a good frame buider you have to understand the relationship the rider has with the frame. Specifically, how the rider moves with respect to the frame and how the frame moves with respect to the rider.

Do “we” really need to have a 3d, static position and dynamic movements documented for proper bike fit?

Where is Wease?

So I suspect many of you are wondering where in hell are the regular updates... well I have been rather busy the past month traveling and attending a conference on mark-recapture statistical techniques. So far I have been to Australia then popped over to New Zealand to give a talk and submit a paper. Good fun, although I have had to fit some work in as well.

Anyway... hang in tight. At some point I will post up what a fun article from Carlos a fixed gear frame builder and some pictures for the Melbourne velodromes.

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