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Some days you feel like a Monkey trying to write Shakespeare (surprisingly a study found that this was impossible). Well today is one of those days. Its sunny, I don't get to ride much because I am studying for my comprehensive exam (my second), but its stressing me out, so I figure some web surfing will cheer me up... NOPE. Did a google search for "Magic Eight Ball." One claims to beam your question to the dark side of the moon where aliens shake a real magic eight ball. Well I asked:

"Do I have anything to look forward to in life?"

The answer of course sucked:

Best bike geek present ever!

So I have just been lucky enough to recieve the best bike geek present EVER! A classic mounted Cycles Sirius poster, given to me by Jai Kai, the superstar bike nut who has been known to own 14 bikes at points in her life. Anyway, you gotta love it, two of my most favourite things in the world fixed gear bikes and breasts.

Review: Pearl Izumi Cyclone Gloves

So last fall I was in search of some new gloves. My first mistake was that I went to MEC, the second mistake is that I listened to the sales staff. Anyway, I hummed and hawed for a while because I couldn't find any golves that met my needs. I had a pair of specialized gloves that did me very well (2+ seasons) and I wanted something similar. The selection was either they were too thin for riding all day in the rain, or they were meant for the Iditarod. I ended up purchasing a pair of Pearl Izumi cyclone gloves, which seemed a bit on the thin side, but strangely warm. At first I was quite happy, that is until I actually started to use them.

Pearl Izumi Cyclone Glove

March CM Photos

So I got off my duff the other day and bought an external 320 GB external hard drive (Enclosure + HD = cheapest way), so that I can FINALLY start organizing my 100 + gigs of photos. They have been scattered across CD's, different computers etc, plus I plopped down the mucho dinero so for that Lightroom application (edu discount) so that I can quickly organize, edit and export photos to this here website. Its been a busy month none the less (and some how I got a 5th in the Harris Roubaix too boot! I lead out the sprint and lost 1st about 10 feet before the line... hrrmmm).

ANYWAY. The point of this babbling is that I have starting to go through my photos and will be uploading more to my photo gallery. And with that note I present LAST month's critical mass photos. It was an overcast day, but plenty turned out and the Velofusion and the bike burlesque show.

50,000 Person Critical Mass

50,000 people did critical mass in Budapest.

Published April 23, 2007 by All Hungary News

The "Critical Mass" (CM) bicycle procession held in Budapest during yesterday's Earth Day celebrations drew upwards of 50,000 participants, which organizers say made it the largest such event in the world, writes

When those at the front of the procession had already crossed the Pet?fi Bridge to Buda and the Lánchíd (Chain Bridge) back to Pest, those at the end were cycling - or rollerblading, driving wheelchairs - under the Lánchíd on Pest's lower embankment.

Your Surly has arrived

Today it rules to be me!!! I am not sure if many of you know this, but lately I have been putting in time at MOMENTUM a cool little bike culture/self-propelled culture mag based out of Vancouver. I have been slowly designing the architecture their website (most in development at the moment and soon to be released), as well as I have been writing some gear reviews (i.e. a Cyclo-cross bike review). Soon I will be doing another bike review... The Surly Steamroller Complete:

Suburbia hell

I am intrigued by this documentary, being that I grew up in suburbia.  I think I will go and watch it this Friday

Surrey Critical Mass Inaugural Ride

This is footage of the inaugural Surrey Critical Mass. The ride even got the support of transportation minister Kevin Falcon, chief promoter of the Gateway Project. Surrey is very much a city built around the car, which might explain why there was such a warm response to the unusual sight of 50 plus noisy cyclists riding through the rain. However, there was an incident, involving a dump truck and several cars in a very big hurry.

Hmmm... is it real?

Hmmm... insane cycling guru who stuck it to the man... or internet hoax.

Spirit of giving

I have been told before I am a giver, although not in the same context as here. Ahem. Anyway, I got an email request a few weeks ago to use one of my critical mass photos (Lions Gate Bridge) in a small, socially conscious, publication out in Ontario. I hadn't heard of them before, but they seemed legit so I gladly passed along a copy of the original. As part of the usage, was a fee they pay to photographers. Since I license all my event photos under the creative commons, I didn't feel right taking money, so I got them to donate the fee to a local bike advocacy charity.

I found out today where they sent the fee...

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