Looking for Cyclists to be Extras on the TV Show "The L Word"

During the following dates the television show "The L Word" is looking to hire cyclists with their bikes to work as Extras.

General Information:

Rate of Pay: $15/Hourly Rate - Overtime Rates apply (with a $35 Bike Rental)
Availability: Would have to be available for the whole day of work (12 to 13 hours!) [you will ride - but not for the whole time! Lots of down time]


Bikes Online - Wed. July 18 6:30-8ish

Jul 18 2007 - 7:30pm
Jul 18 2007 - 9:00pm

Bikes Online: Meeting & Brainstorm
Wednesday, July 18 6:30-8ish
Free Geek Community Technology Centre
117 East 2nd Ave (between Main & Quebec)

Indoor bike parking available (use the laneway entrance between 2nd & 1st Ave.)

Yaletown Grand Prix

Wease corning at Yaletown

While my Canada day did involve drinking, I started it off with a little intensity at the Yaletown Grand Prix Criterium. I saw a number of fixed gear riders and couriers out trying their hand at criterium racing. For those that don't know Yaletown is a rather nasty and technical course. It is a six corner course, with some off camber turns and rough pavement in the fasters corners. The back straight away is along Homer, you then fly down Nelson, hang a hard right through a very bumpy corner onto mainland.

Helmet Law crackdown

Right now, as part of Bike Month in Vancouver, there is a crack down on the helmet law. The police are handing out tickets, as my roommate just got one and I just got an email for someone who has been ticketed 2 days in a row. So what gives? Is this right or wrong? Well like most things I have an opinion, but its not as straight forward as some might think.

Good idea

I have actually thought about doing this myself:

Mr Motorist

Bike Month

So folks June has snuck up on us again and with that its bike month in Vancouver! Taken from the velolove list server:

Bike Month 2007 -- Change Your World

Bike Month is the annual celebration of cycling presented by BEST (Better Environmentally Sound Transportation).

Bike Month offers over 60 fun and educational events for everyone including rides, public forums, art shows, bike festivals, children's safety workshops and parties. Bike Month is a great chance to encourage your friends and family to cycle more.

And of course, this Velolove newsletter is just a sampling of the bike events happening this month. For more information on Bike Month all the great events, go to http://www.best.bc.ca/programsAndServices/bike_month

Help spread the word!! Distribute posters, add a link on your web site, join the Bike Month Facebook group, tell your friends.

And, if you're interested in volunteering for Bike Month or any of the events, please contact Richard at richard@best.bc.ca or 604-669-2860.

London to Southend-on-Sea

London FGSS London2Southend Group

More like Southend-THROUGH-Sea!

In true bank holiday fashion, it's pissed down all weekend. Noah is out looking for wood as I type. I managed to get a few dry laps of Richmond Park in on Saturday before getting soggy and doing some damage to my back. I finally fitted the 135g Selle Italia SLR saddle that's been in the cupboard for 18 months and I'm guessing the position change and too much effort up the hills messed up the old spine.

Lack of Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates on the FG calendar, I have been rather busy the last month: Wrote comprehensive exams, went to Colorado for a workshop then Tofino for a meeting. Its a hard luck life, having to learn to surf while I was in Tofino. I went to the Surf Sisters surf school for a lesson. They were totally cool and good instructors. I was standing up after the first couple of tries. About the only disappointments was that I didn't have any good crazy crashes. Clearly I must go back to Tofino so I can properly crash a surf board.

Fixed Vancouver

If you have never visited fixedvancouver.com, you should. It is quickly becoming the place Vancouver's fix gear geeks. Now, I have known about it since its inception, but I am slow... so what its my site I can be a lazy dog fucker if I want.

Anyway, one good reason you should check out fixedvancouver.com is for some amazing good discussions. For example I found the coolest headtube badge in existence of the entire world

45 seconds

I was heading home last night when the sun started to peak out from the clouds and I knew what I had to do. I had to make way to the start of the 2007 Tuesday Night World Championships (TNWC) at UBC. For those not in the know the TNWC is a local Vancouver training race. It has been going on for over 2 decades now and its a great way to pick up some intensity during the week.

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