1980's Schwinn World Sport

This is a 1980's Schwinn WorldSport.  I picked up the frame, fork, bottom bracket and headset for $10 at a Goodwill.  Stripped it down and removed the metal work for the wiring and had it powder coated in a low gloss black.  I reassembled it with the original bottom bracket and headset.  Threw on a set of Mustache bars with Red Cinelli Cork Tape, a Campy crank and arms I found at a garage sale, Dimension Track Pedals, and Velocity Fusion Wheels (Anodized Red).

Home made fixie built on the cheap

Home made fixer built on to a cheapo raleigh pulsar frame. Wheels home built after I got fed up with tubs. Aero bars fitted for a bit of time trialling, Gearing is 42/15 which is pretty good multi purpose. Managed to do 10 miles in about 28 minutes. I'm getting there!

Stickers obligatory and constantly accumulating!

baby number 1

Pure Awesome

This is my fixie. I will write her full story later. She is <18 lbs. Approx. 90 inch gears. Giddy Up.

My first single speed.

I built this up at OCB last fall when I moved to Vancity from Toronto. I didn't have any transport then, and my neighbor in Toronto had a great IRO that made me want to try SS. I found I never used the gears on my bike anyway :P.

So I asked some random bike courier where to go and he told me OCB. They were awesome. Over two days I stripped down a whole bike and built it back up with a single cog freewheel on the back.

the $7 apollo

My first fixie from last summer, a $7 craigslist frame that was sanded, repainted with spraypaint, rebuilt with a random fork from bikeworks that had to be stretched... so heavy, geometry was too loose, but fun as a first build for sure... the money was in the rims though, velocity fusions, ultegra front hub, surly fix/fix rear. No longer in commission, the frame sits in storage awaiting a suitable new owner!


The Pink Machine

The fastest thing going on wood

Hippy's 1979 T.I. Raleigh Team Track

Snapped the GT so I needed a replacement weapon for London's crazy streets (okay, so the GT was far from weapon-like!).

I ended up going classic track bike with a fork-swap to allow for a front brake (still have track fork, bars and stem). Add some lights, ti/carbon saddle, etc..


A Small Gathering of Friends

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