Guest Verbiage

My new fixie!


This bike is going to se ALOT of miles- As am I. I wonder which one will fall apart first? We shall see!

Sea-Town Slam - Round 2!

It's almost time for Round 2 of the STS Sprint Series. If you missed Round 1, or just have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry! What we've got here is a damn fun three night sprint series located in beautiful Seattle, WA. Each of the three rounds (a night of racing) features a meeting location, and undisclosed race site, and head-to-head drag race style sprinting. Points are earned for participating, placing, and style. There are nightly prizes, and well as grand prizes for the man and woman with the highest cumulative points at the end of all three Rounds. If you missed Round 1 you can still come out and compete for the nightly prizes, and if you do partake in Rounds 2 & 3 you still stand a chance of winning the Grand Prize!

about time!

about time!

I noticed this today. This sign is one of many that line a brick path along the waterfront at Norfolk's aptly named "Waterside Park" (such imagination). These signs have been up for years. Alot of us Norfolk(ians) have been riding there for along time and have many times been hastled by cops on Segways for doing so-threatened with tickets,no less. Because up untill about a week or so ago that sign along with all the others said NO BICYCLES. You can see it's been painted over-by the city!

The city says....

The city says....

Wow Norfolk! Is it my imagination or does this suggest that we ride our bikes on mushrooms? Lets hear it for our local elected officials! They really do have our best interest in mind.

I'm gonna do it!

Coast To Coast-NO COAST!

Check it out -

It's for a great cause and it's a chance for me to do something that means....well...SOMETHING! It's going take a shitload of training over the next year.
Maybe some of you will join in!. GZ


the keg bike

You know kids,summer is almost upon us! And what's just as important as spending those hot,sunny days on your beloved bike? Keeping a steady stream of liquids flowing through your beloved body! And here's one way to ensure both! I imagine the only problem with this arrangment would be the fequent "relief" stops,unless there's a special attachment we can't see!


What A GREAT idea!

Well my cycling pals,if you thought you had to be on guard before-if you thought a meer cell phone was enough to divert the average drivers attention
from where they're going-check this out!
Next the god damn windshields will be LCD screens. OH and look,she's got her head cocked to one side as if craddling her her fucking cell phone to her ear as well. (I said cock again)

Elysian Porter

Once you go black...


There's an old joke that I love no matter how many times it's told. I don't know who first wrote the joke, but it goes like this, "What does American beer and having sex in a canoe have in common?" Answer, "They're both fucking close to water!". How true that is too... There is an exception, thankfully, to this rule of thumb: Microbrews! Sure they're more expensive, but that's what you've got to do when you want the tasty stuff! And when it comes to microbrews, the darker the better I say. So allow me to introduce you to the Porter made by the Elysian Brewing Company based oh-so-close to my home in Seattle. It's is tasty, dark, and sorta pricey. But seriously (wait, I was serious. It is pricey. God I'm such a yuppie.), isn't it about time we reviewed something other than malts and transparent beer?


Well, I really wanted my first blog entree to be about how cool my bike is and all BUT- today I heard something that at first I thought was a joke, but isn't. The city in which I live,Norfolk,Va. has passed a law against exposed underwear-$50 fine! Ya,I know. Am I going to start hiking my pants back up and cinching my belt around my waist? No way! I guess I'm at the age when I'm supposed to think this law is a good idea. Thankfully I havn't "matured" and don't plan on it any time soon. I think the lawgivers of this city should be a little less concerned about what kids are wearing and alot more concerned about people behind the wheel of their cars not paying attention to where their going because they're far too involved with their preciuos cell phones! I know I've almost been flattened by drivers oblivious to what was going on outside their vehicles. Plus half of them are only driving four blocks to the store because they're too fucking lazy to walk!


Grenade shaped
molotov cocktail


My first experiences with Mickey's was like most people's. Heading out to a College party late at night with my friends we found ourselves hard-up for drinks, and even more hard-up for cash. Somehow I had managed to tote along a flask full of Kahlua (don't ask...) but thought I might burn through it too quickly so we stopped off at a local gas station for supplies. Being a man with an interest in convinience I spied a 6 pack of little green bottles that conviniently fit my budget, and later, would conviniently fit in my hand.


The logo for these clever little bottles is a boxing glove wearing, mad as hell looking, hornet. I thought it was cute. That was until I cracked open the top and took my first swig. Holy mother of crap! It wasn't a logo, it was a damn warning! It's not that it tasted bad, but like most malts it sure as hell didn't taste good. There was a certain level of staleness that masked over the potent taste of alcohol and "beerish something something". The initial sting and pummeling that first taste hit me with is not one I'll soon forget. In a short ammount of time I had stashed the girly flask, and cruising the party mainlining my Hornet buddy with a Mickey's in each hand.