Because it's there

Some days I just do things because I can. No real reason, now real logic. For example, the other day I rode up Cypress mountain. The spring rain, that turned into extremely thick fog, which turned into cold wet snow.. didn't phase me, I just kept climbing. Silly, really considering the cars probably couldn't see me as well. Opps.

After all that hard work, here is the lovely view:

The Mansy is for Mesy!

The Lululemon MansyThe Lululemon Mansy

Subversive Advertising

subversive |s?b?v?rsiv|
seeking or intended to subvert an established system or institution : subversive literature.

Fixed gear bikes are the new rollerblades

The other day I was sitting with a friend who helped me build my first single speed back in the late 90's. He is often a bit chatty, but often he comes up with a gooder. Today was one such day. We were reminiscing about the various fixed and single speed bikes we have built up over the years when he dropped, "Ya know, fixed gears are kinda like the new rollerblades."

Google Map 'Bike There' Petition

Wouldn't it be nice to have find an address on google maps then click the directions link but give you the best bike route to take?

Image from googlemapsbikethere.orgImage from

Well have your say on the "Bike There" petition:

Bike Porn Gallery Ver. 2.0

So in keeping with my earlier promise I have revamped and improved the FG bike porn feature.

Before it was nested in the forums, using some silly image/forum module function. It was difficult to use and the flash gallery it produced required me to specifiy what images would show. That sucked.

Opps I did it again

That chain ring don't quite look right

So I don't quite understand it. Its not like I am a hulking mass as I tip the scales at a measly 150lbs. Its not like my thighs are the size of some peoples torso (just head to the track and you will see some of those folks, they are called sprinters). Its not like I even pedal in squares, believe it or not I am quite a smooth spinner.

Despite all of what I am not, somehow, through some unspeakable physics that just don't add up, I was able break a chain ring and crank spider on my first fixed gear bike. On bike that had a perfectly straight chain line, a bike that I specifically built too take a beating.

Bikes inside!

2008 Bikes Inside Poster

The bikesinside party was a smash! Among the interesting events was the microcross, a cyclcocross race on bikes with no bigger than 16 inch wheels. Incidentally I was the unsuspecting cover model (the picture used was from one of the BC cup races). Not to be outdone, rather than wearing my usual overly tight spandex I opted instead to wear a micro-skirt, red wig, beeds and a BMX helmet. It is a long standing joke to cross-dress for a cross race, since this was a microcross a micro skirt only made sense. Somehow I won a heat and made it to the finals. It was a riot.

Back in black!

Fuck red. Black is back.

Man time flies. Almost a year has gone by and I barely notice. In that time I totally neglected FG and apparently in that time spam bots had run rampant. I know this because I just deleted 1400 fictitious users, all with 50 million porn links within their user description (if I accidentally deleted your account, opps!). What a task let me tell you... I had to visit each and every porn site to see if it was legit (that node is for you Big Jonny -

Why would I do this? Cause I am back baby... back in black!

IUD SIS, stay in sckool coz it's the best.

Inexplicably I am addicted to peaches...

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