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Midnight Mass

From: Adam
Subject: Hey dude, come to midnight mass

Yo, I met you outside of MEC and heard about your blog. I really dig it. Me and a bunch of other kids go on another ride thats kindof like critical mass, but its also kindof diffrent. Basically, we dont crawl at the speed of wood. Theres always a mix of styles and ability levels, but alot of people are fixie riders or aspiring roadies. You have mad skills. Wanna come bless us? Come to the midnight mass.

Hey... I do recall our conversation of a while back and the fun, funky, folk down at Momentum Magazine have mentioned your rides to me before, so yes I would love to bless your mess this coming thursday. Plus it will be good for me, so I can get my mind off the fact I totalled my race road bike this weekend in the Crit stage of the Fantastic Four Stage Race!

Bike Furniture

So a while back shrimphead (now out in Nelson BC) sent me a link to some really cool bike art furniture being produced at I have to admit, when I first saw the pieces, it totally blew me away.

I have always liked the idea of like recycling bike parts into various household items, but most outcomes I have seen have left me less than enthrawled. Mainly, because the final pieces often look dirty and junky (I am thinking as much about my own attempts as others).


From: Evan
Subject: Contact Form Results
Found your Chrome bag reveiw and took a vacation on your site. I dig your writting man; very in my face. thats all I got. Don't scrutinize my blog. I'm a lazy bastered who hasn't updates the thing for months.


Thanks man... I like to call it as I see it. BTW no scrutinizing on my side as I too am a lazy bastard. Which gets me thinking that yes, I should really write more reviews. I have an opinion on most things I have bought that are cycling related and the truth is most things are a waste of money. They are too often more an exercise in branding rather anything you really need. Even the chrome bag.

Hornby Island: Purple Feet Retreat

Hornby Island
Aerial shot of Hornby Island

There is just something about Hornby Island that is hard to describe. If you know me personally, in any sort of manner, then you probably know the love affair I have had with the Gulf Island ever since my first visit in the late 90's (previous verbage).

I remember the time fondly. I had just gotten into mountain biking, just owned my first car (I no longer own a car) and itching to travel to some XC races when I came across a flyer for the mystical for the now defunct Hornby Island Bike Fest put on by imfamous Tig Cross and friends.

Vancouver Fixie Advice

Subject: Contact Form
From: monks

G'day Weasel, how are you going, im a courier from sydney, aus and moving to Vancouver in a week and a little, sounds like you guys have just about the same amount of laughs as we do in syd. just checking out the site, top notch. can you give me an idea of what companies are around and where i can get my hands on a decent second hand fixy?ive been off the bike for over six weeks now and im going insane without my wheels, i even dream about them during the day now..after your drinks and sober time, it'd be greatly appreciated if you could hook us up with some info should be in by the 13th of Aug, ready to roll again...

thanks mate, monks

Website: not that computer literate

G'day back at you. How am I doing? Right now I am feeling a wheee bit sick today after a hard weekend of racing. I was able to snag a 2nd in Tour de Delta category 3/4 criterium, and 5th in the 30 to 34 age class for the gear jammer offroad enduro. The crit hurt but the enduro was nasty as hell. I haven't been on a mountain bike forever (actually last week was the first time in over a year). This combined with the fact the course was comprised entirely of relentless pounding single track (3 hours of single track), I was riding a short travel hardtail, it was like 104 °F (40 °C) and I ran out of water almost 1 hour before the feedzone some friends were manning. I think it all caught up with me as you can put yourself out only so many times in a row. So how sick is sick? I had a dangerously high fever earlier today (i.e. hospital visit high) and slept the entire day. I just got up, and got back from buying myself a booster juice and now I feel like tackling your email.

New in the Mail bag

Readers are kind enough to pass on tidbits of information and when I have my act together (such as now) I get to post it up for everyone to read. So todays interesting bits are

  1. Vancouver to Mexico Bike Tour
  2. Wheels of Justice

Two Wheel Masochism

masochistic abuse
Damage inflicted by rubbing my hand on the brake hood

So Lyle was accusing me of being masochism during my last race. Well he would be right. I didn't put it in the original writeup but its just too much fun not to share. You see when I ride in the summer on the road I usually ditch the gloves. I don't like the extra heat plus I really enjoy feeling the air rush over my hands.

The downside however is you can get some pretty serious rubbage if you don't watch. For example the picture to your left was taken a WEEK after the race. It has healed quite a bit since then. I didn't even know I was causing this damage until after the Westside classic was over.

Was this caused by a crash? Nope.

Surviving the Westside Classic

Westside Wease
Westside Wease | Arrow=Me

So when I am not riding my fixie it seems I am out racing. Last Sunday I went and competed in the Provincial Championships, this year it was the Westside Classic. I could safely say I had no expectations going in since I was going to be racing against the local pros and top elite riders, but I ended surprising myself by how well I actually did.

First off let me tell you a bit about the course. Its frickin evil... with a capital E... Eeeeviiil... Like the fruuiit of the Deeviiil, eeevvvill (to quote Mike Myers from So I Married an Axe Murder). The course is divided into two sections, 8 long laps followed by 5 short laps for a total of 120 km (see below). Now the long laps are no joke. You gain somewhere around 500 ft each lap (the map is in meters) and there is this evil climb that basically sends you up a wall as you ride from Spanish Banks up to University Blvd.

Hero to Zero

Wow... I am a yuts! I was feeling rather cocky today after a good showing in Sunday's Crit. Today, being Tuesday means the Tuesday Night World champs out at Thunderbird Stadium at UBC. Being cocky and all I figured I was indestructible and that I could attack on this race like I did on Sunday. I don't care about winning just a strong showing, as those cool gangsta types like to say, "Go big or go home."

Getting Back into the swing

Launching an attack
Wease on the attack

So about a week and a half ago I found out I did pass my comprehensive exam for my PhD, now I can breath a sigh of relief and start training hard again, while I write my thesis of course. So its been quite a while since been racing. Almost 4 years exactly, if you discount the fact I had been racing my Single Speed in various O-cup and the odd 24 hour race (i.e. one, two,three).

Nope, I am back racing road again. My real training has only started up in the last few weeks, which puts me a fair bit behind everyone else, but that's okay, I love a challenge. So what is my training technique? For the time being write-off any thought of finishing position in every race so you don't get ancious or meter your effort. Good, now attack attack attack. You see I have plenty of long term endurance (cause I am always doing silly rides such as this one) but lack of racing totally killed my top end.

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