What to do during the LONG winter when you can't ride...


spend a bunch of money you really don't have building a bike you really don't need!
That just what this is—a bike I REALLY don't need. But the snow and ice are actually starting to go the fuck away. Soon I'll be able to ride it instead just sitting looking at it. Then I won't stress out over the fact that it doesn't have a white seat! It's sad, really.
Parts (for those who care)
Frame: Failure (greatest company name ever!)
Fork: Primo Kamikaze
Bars: Animal -Bobs
Stem: Primo (cheapo)
Brake lever: SNAFU C lever
Brakes: Tektro (crap) - soon to be Demolition
Cranks: Profile 175mm
Chain wheel: Profile Imperial - 28 tooth
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy half link
Pedals: Odyssey twisted (plastic, yes-PLASTIC! C'mon there IN now)
Seat: DK (cheapo)
Seat Post Shadow Conspiracy
Wheels Mosh hubs laced to Sun City rims (being replaced at some point)

As I was typing all that the dollar signs flew around in my head.


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