Readline 9.2.5 dealer advice

Emails brighten my days... some-days.  I will be honest, like everyone in the world I receive too many junk emails from spam bots, people looking to make a quick buck and people asking me to teach them everything there is to know about a fixed gear bike - to the latter I say take some personal initiative and use the magic of google there are lots of resources out there.

However,  every so often I get a genuine request that I can quickly help out, today is one such day (I am a sucker for lines like "your excellent wisdom").

Da Email

From: JB
Subject: [Feedback] Redline dealers?

Hi Wease,

I'm not looking to increase my cool; I just want to get more out of my wimpy 5 km commute so I don't continue getting fat. Also I have grown to hate my derailleurs with a mighty hate. Or love/hate anyway; I guess someday people will worship me when I can tune the damn things in less than half an hour.

Anyway, point is, I've done some research on what might be a decent  commuter-ish FG bike, that's reasonably cheap, without going the Craigslist route (I'm kind of lazy like that). The Redline 925 seems very nice, with
space for fenders and a little bit bigger rubber, but I can't seem to find any dealers in Vancouver. Where did you get that Monocog at?

Also, if that is a stupid bike, or if there is something else I should be looking at (I prefer steel), please let me know. I await your excellent wisdom.

Yours truly,


I agree the 9.2.5 is a nice bike indeed. Last year I have had the pleasure of test riding the first edition Redline 9.2.5 in issue #30 of Momentum magazine, which I notice I forgot to upload the article to the site (ACK! - I do this as a hobby in my spare time).  To rectify this I have included the Redline article from the freely available issue PDF version of the article as an attachment (see below). - To read the whole issue go to and look for the PDF download, or read most of the article online. 

Anyway, I quite like the bike as a city commuter. While it won't have you riding on the rivet, it does have some refined style, came with fenders (finally) and match my corduroy academic jacket as I rode to meetings (the old mustache handle bar version).  It wasn't as sporty as the Surly, but I was quite sad to give it back.  My only complaint was the pedal, front toe overlap.  It nearly sent me crashing on more than one occasion as I did a track stand at the lights.

So onto the dealers in Vancouver.  Last time I checked Mighty Riders carries Redline.  You can check them out at


Might Riders
#10 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC
phone: 604 879 8705


NOTE: Mighty riders is not always a good fit for everyone.  Personally, its my shop of choice. 

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I've been a big admirer of you blog for a while now and just wanted to give a shout out.
My name is Michael Green and I run a blog in NYC called:
I've been writing about Critical Mass, Messenger races, events and general bicycle mayhem for about 4 years. Its all part of my master plan of world-wide bicycle domination. Just wanted to say hello and get your email. Mine is I'd love to exchange links. I also would love to ask you a technical question about your blog, since I am in the process of transferring bikeblog off of google's blogger and into wordpress. Not sure if you'd be amenable to that but thought I'd try anyway. Just trying to build up a good list of fellow bike bloggers.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Michael Green

Wease's picture

Hello Michael,

I made the switch from blogger -> wordpress back around 2004. I did the wordpress + flickr combo and loved it. My blog even looked the best back. And there is even a wordpress plugin to help the process along.

However, it is not a decision to take lightly

Migration tips:
Wordpress plugin:

You will loose page rankings since it will have to be under a new domain (you are currently a subdomain of blogspot). Originally, I had google publish my blogger account to my own sever FG back in the day so I didn't loose page rankings as I kept the same URL's for the articles (I configured wordpress to mimic blogger urls).

Okay sounds grand so far? Perhaps, but I suggest you read my DIY experience to give you some perspective on migrating:

The Wease Experience

Wease, how did you manage to maintain rankings even if you kept the url configured the same? and how did you do that since he new domain name would be replacing the blogspot domain? Sounds like a major headache. Would you do that again? or suggest going straight to a hosted domain to start?

Wease's picture

Hello Grace,

That is because I had originally set up Blogger to publish (via) FTP to, I never published my blog to the default domain. Therefore when I went to Wordpress (and eventually Drupal) I didn't lose rankings because I ensured both applications mimicked the Blogger URLs


Wease, thanks for sharing your experience! Actually, I'm currently helping my wife to move her blog over to the drupal platform as well. She used to be on blogger (just like mine) but wanted more customisability in terms of features. It's good to know that your migration has turned out well. But I must admit it, drupal can be pretty technical for me at times but I'm learning...

Drupal seems like a pain in the neck to me, but you seem to have conquered it. Congratulations. Now for the on topic comment. I have ridden that bike as well, but I just didn't find it that comfortable. I, however, am not a serious rider. Nor am I educated in what build is better.





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