Best bike geek present ever!

So I have just been lucky enough to recieve the best bike geek present EVER! A classic mounted Cycles Sirius poster, given to me by Jai Kai, the superstar bike nut who has been known to own 14 bikes at points in her life. Anyway, you gotta love it, two of my most favourite things in the world fixed gear bikes and breasts.

Cycles Sirius Poster
Fixed gear + breasts = heaven

Dem sure were the days!


Henri Gray products 5 of these spectacular posters that are now considered Vintage..   You can get them produced on bike jerseys too.

 - Click to enlarge Ciao.

A few years ago during the Twilight Crit in Athens, GA (where I live), I saw this print hanging in a shop window and I could not pass it up.

 Does anyone know anything this "Cycles Sirius" or about other work by Henri Gray?

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I am not sure but I bet we can find the answer in Bike Cult.

Dirt Rag has some interesting art posted by Kevin Nierman including "Steelman". Hmmm ... does anyone else notice how big his hands are ... phew (Giro wiping brow), it is getting hot in here? All I have to say is that god for Kevin's imagination, fuel for fantasy...